BVM Members,

Praise God for all his blessings and mercies!  The second half of our clinic is remodeled and has been blessed by our Bishop and is now open for patients!

Monday Jan 14 was an amazing morning at the Clinic—we were blessed to have Bishop Burbidge and several local priests, in addition to many of our volunteers, and lots of the Knights of Columbus (including Grand Knight Karl Anderson) present for the Blessing.  

The Knights were there to celebrate the donation of the 1000th sonogram machine; Bishop Burbidge blessed it as well, and those in attendance spoke to the amazing work we can now carry out on behalf of moms and their unborn babies.  Clinic Director Alexandra Luevano spoke of witnessing the first time the machine was used here at Mother of Mercy Clinic:

“I can tell you that it brought tears to my eye as well as to the mom’s to see her baby dancing in her womb for the first time.”

Thank you for your support over the last 13 months—what all of us together have been able to do for those in our community is amazing!  Our BVM donors not only purchased the new space, but also funded the entire renovation.

In just over 13 months we have gone from the clinic being open for 4 hours a week to 36 hours a week.  And our base of 20 volunteers has swelled to over 300.  We are now treating over 600 patients!  

Services range from chiropractic and physical therapy, to nutrition counseling, cardiology and diabetic care.  And now with the ultrasound machine we can provide prenatal care for the women who kept coming to our door needing help.  

We are able to offer them birth classes, lactation classes, and help with things baby might need after birth.  In addition, all the Catholic Charities adoption services will be moving to the Clinic in Manassas. 

This makes the Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic the antithesis of an abortion clinic!

All of it comes from our community—from you! You will be blessed for your generosity! Please share the good news with your friends. Our goal is to have 1000 BVM members; together we can continue to reach out to our Neighbor, as Christ asked us to do.

Share this post with them and ask them to visit us here online! In doing so you will help us answer a Mother’s prayer for a healthy newborn.

Read more about the recent Clinic Blessing, the Ultrasound donation, and the work of BVM.

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