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BVM Foundation exists to support the growth of the Mother of Mercy Clinic. Help us reach 1000 members. At any monthly amount.

What is the Mother of Mercy Clinic?

Once the site of a long standing abortion practice, and transformed into a Free Clinic, the Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic, through the generosity of nearly 200 medical professionals who volunteer their time, provides wellness services for the uninsured or underinsured who have no other means of seeking medical care.

These basic services have been augmented with Prenatal Care, Physical Therapy, Mental Health, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Cardiology, and so much more.

A Mother’s Hope Prenatal Program

We have added pre-natal care to our list of medical services!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

Make a Difference

In the battle of life it is not sufficient to merely resist evil. We must do good. Having removed abortion from our community, we need to serve. Become a member today to help us continue to build a culture of life right here.

A small group of Catholic entrepreneurs—from several parishes in and around Manassas—formed a charitable Trust called BVM Foundation, with the goal of transforming the former clinic into a hub of life-saving services.

Be a part of our incredible story of redemption.

Do you wish that you could do more for the culture of life right here, in your immediate area? Now you can!

Closing an abortion clinic isn’t the end. It’s the beginning.

Often, we don’t get to see the good results of our prayers, donations and efforts.

Now you can. You can help create this redemption story.

Closing an abortion clinic means little if we don’t replace it with life. Join us.

We’re about more than just stopping abortions.

Women were still coming to the Clinic looking for help. 

Now, with the blessing of Bishop Burbidge, we have been able to begin offering prenatal services for these Moms and babies.

Within two months of opening Mother of Mercy clinic was providing forty local women in need with prenatal care, childbirth classes, sonograms, testing, delivery and obstretric care, and lactation consulting.

Latest news and updates

Amazing Transformation in Five Years Since Abortion Clinic Purchase

October 7, 2020 - Our Lady of the Rosary Fall is filled with amazing feast days! We recently celebrated the Feast of the Holy Angels, which is a very special day for all of us involved in BVM ―  it was on that day five years ago that the BVM Foundation purchased and...

Watch Clinic Mass and Blessing by Bishop Burbidge

At the Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic, we believe that spiritual healing is even more important than physical healing. Since opening in late 2017, we have believed that having Christ truly present at the clinic would provide a sanctuary to fulfill this deeper...

Every penny donated to BVM goes directly to the Clinic. With your support we can:

Provide healthcare for our neighbor in need

Whether it’s a Mom in a crisis pregnancy, or an uninsured person with a medical need, we can get the the care that will restore health, so they can get back to work or back to their family.

Connect Catholic Charities

Mother of Mercy clinic will connect people and their needs to the unsung wealth of other Catholic charities, significantly increasing the ability to help people, diagnose their needs, and answer their concerns.


Keep the Doors Open

Your donations help cover rent, supplies, community outreach, lab services, and critical office and medical equipment.


Hire full time staff

Your support covers the cost of a director and part time administrator who manage the nearly 200 medical volunteers and almost 500 patients.

Be a part of an incredible story of redemption.

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