Thank you for continuing your support of the Mother of Mercy Free Clinic.  At last count we were serving 138 new Mom and their unborn babies, providing them with testing, prenatal care, birth classes, and the myriad other needs of a pregnant mom.  Dr. Home, our dedicated OB has increased her volunteer time to ensure that all of these ladies get the best care possible.  And two different local girls have taken on the project of providing baby shower baskets—hundreds of them!  This is truly a community work.

How can we help more?  Let’s get more of our community involved in the support of BVM.  Maybe you could forward this to someone you know under the age of 30?  We need to keep them involved in the prolife work in our community—many of them have walked and prayed the Rosary in front of the clinic—now they need to see the good that has come of their prayers and efforts.

Other needs—another OB!  With so many women needing help, Dr. Home’s hours have increased dramatically

A Physical Therapist and/or Chiropractor.  Many of our patients work at physical labor and need care in these areas

$12,000 to cover the cost of in house testing.  A local business who had covered this cost is no longer able to do that.  Being able to test our patients’ ourselves saves so much money in the end.

Thank you for all you do for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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