Thank you for joining us as a BVM Foundation Member to do our part to help build a culture of life in our community.   

 We have some amazing news!  On Monday, July 30th, the BVM Foundation, with the help of your generosity, purchased the office Condo next to the Catholic Charities Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic that used to house AAA Women for Choice.  With the Catholic Charities Clinic growing in its ability to meet a wider range of needs, they are already in need of more space. 

This will roughly double the amount of space they have to serve the poor and uninsured in the Manassas, VA area.

 And thanks to all of your generosity, we have been able to send a total $86,500 to the Clinic since December.  We are now averaging between $7,500 and $9,000 per month now on a sustainable basis.

 We also thought you would be interested in the latest report from the Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic Director, Alexandra Luevano.  Thank you for being a part of this amazing local story of redemption:

God does miracles at the Catholic Charities Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic on a daily basis.  Some miracles are bigger than others; I want to share a miracle that has touched my heart and the hearts of many of our volunteers.

On a Monday a few weeks ago, we had a teenage girl come to the clinic with her mother.  They walked into the clinic even though the lights were out and the clinic was technically closed, but they entered because we forgot to lock the door.  The girl was sent here with one purpose, to have an abortion; her pregnancy was due to rape. 

The child looked scared and ashamed.  Her hair hung over her face and she didn’t make eye contact, however, after talking to them and explaining the risks of an abortion and how this would affect her for the rest of her life, they agreed to think about it and let us know if they would be interested in getting help for her to have the child. 

We worked with Gabriel Project to get them an angel who could provide her with transportation to an appointment at Tepeyac since the mother didn’t drive, should she decide to have the baby.  We also reached out to Catholic Charities Pregnancy and Adoption program for them to meet with the child and parent to discuss options.  Of course we reached out to our faithful Prayer Warriors, to pray for this family and for God to allow them to make the right choice. 

Later in the day, the mother and daughter called back and informed us that she was going to have this baby. 

It’s been about a couple of months and she continues to come to the clinic.  She came to listen to the diabetic classes we had to improve her nutrition as well as to just keep us updated on what was happening with her. 

She is a totally different person than that first time we saw her.  She has a smile that lights up a room and appears to be excited about having this baby.

Thank you for your support because without it this would not have been possible.  May the Lord continue to bless you and your families.

Alexandra Luevano, BSN, RN, CCM

Program Director, Mother of Mercy Free Clinic

The sole mission of the BVM Foundation is to support the monthly financial needs of the Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic.  Our goal is to build a base of 1,000 recurring monthly donors to match the monthly financial needs of the Mother of Mercy Free Clinic. 

We are intentionally focusing on the number of members, not the monthly amount, because we also believe want to engage as many people in the community as possible in this effort.  It was the whole community that prayed to shut down the Amethyst Women’s Health Clinic and now it is up to all of in the community to pray for the sustainability of the Mother of Mercy Clinic.   

 Please share this message with family and friends and ask them to become of the 1,000 new BVM Members.  All they have to do it, hit the “Become a Member” button, and offer a recurring monthly donation of any amount.  No amount is too small, and all donations are fully tax deductible.  We are committed to ensuring that 100% of your donations make it to clinic.

 May God continue to bless the great work of Alexandra Luevano, Catholic Charities and all of the volunteers at the Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic.

 BVM Foundation Board of Directors 

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