October 7, 2020 – Our Lady of the Rosary

Fall is filled with amazing feast days! We recently celebrated the Feast of the Holy Angels, which is a very special day for all of us involved in BVM ―  it was on that day five years ago that the BVM Foundation purchased and closed down the abortion clinic that had been a source of so much evil in our midst. Five years!

One of our board members calculated (using the statistics of the Amethyst clinic which previously operated there) that the closing of the clinic has possibly prevented an estimated 6000 abortions!

We give thanks for the members of our community who made that happen, and for all of you who contributed to the purchase and subsequent transformation of the clinic into a place that truly serves those in need, women and unborn children in particular. Our community goal of bringing light out of the darkness has borne beautiful fruit with the opening of the Mother of Mercy Free Clinic.

As we look back on the truly tremendous work that has been done, you might enjoy looking at the numbers. As of September, Mother of Mercy Clinic:

  • Has served 1668 patients over the course of a year.
  • Is open 3 days per week for in-person services and a fourth day for telemedicine only.
  • Operates with 28 medical providers and volunteers (we could use more ― please help if you can).
  • Offers services for obstetrics, primary care, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, dietetics, physical therapy, mental health counseling, medication delivery program, telemedicine, video education classes, lactation and prenatal classes.
  • Provided prenatal care to 369 women since beginning OB services. They have delivered 288 babies and currently have 82 women still receiving care.

Truly, the greatest need of all right now is prayer.
Many clients have had difficult diagnoses recently, including one young mom of 5 who was diagnosed with cancer shortly after the birth of her baby. We
would like to assemble a spiritual bouquet for Alexandra and her staff, and for all those treated at the clinic. Would you email your spiritual offering to me at sokeefe407@aol.com? I will put it together and deliver it to the Clinic.

The second huge need is diapers. So many have requested them and none have been donated since March. You can drop them by the Clinic, email me and I will pick them up, or have them delivered. Another way to help is via the Amazon wish list of supplies used at the clinic and some things given out to patients. Click here for the list.

Thank you for your continued generosity and for your prayers,

​​​​​​​Paula O’Keefe

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