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Christmas Update from BVM Foundation and the Mother of Mercy Clinic

Wishing all of you a blessed and joyful Advent! As a member of the BVM Board, I would like to give all of you who support the Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic an update. I spoke with Alexandra this past week. Every time we talk, I come away reinvigorated and amazed...

Mother of Mercy Clinic: From 0 to 138 in six months!

Thank you for continuing your support of the Mother of Mercy Free Clinic.  At last count we were serving 138 new Mom and their unborn babies, providing them with testing, prenatal care, birth classes, and the myriad other needs of a pregnant mom.  Dr. Home, our...

Mother of Mercy opens Pre-Natal Care Aspect

A Mother’s Hope, the pre-natal care aspect of the Mother of Mercy Clinic, is so aptly named. Within a few months of opening, the volunteers are seeing nearly 60 women! OB visits, fetal and maternal testing, sonograms, child birth classes, all are being offered to...

The Antithesis of an Abortion Clinic

BVM Members, Praise God for all his blessings and mercies!  The second half of our clinic is remodeled and has been blessed by our Bishop and is now open for patients! Monday Jan 14 was an amazing morning at the Clinic—we were blessed to have Bishop Burbidge... Reports on the UltraSound from the MoMFMC

Here's an article from on the new UltraSound purchased by the BVM Foundation and the Knights of Columbus.  The BVM Foundation funded half of the cost of the machine:   Virginia pro-life clinic receives Knights’ 1,000th ultrasound machine

Be a part of an incredible story of redemption.

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